Kein warten auf das Leben!

„Kein Warten auf das Leben“ („No Waiting for Life“) is an inclusive dancefilm. It is about people meeting eachother in the here and now. It is about those small details and encounters with others that make our lives worthwhile.
Inclusive dance deals with general and individual diversity of human bodies in the art. Inclusive dance enriches the perception of dance and the definition of who can dance. The audience is forced to deal with more divers physical and emotional aspects of dance on stage as a mirror of an inclusive society.
Dancers with and without disability have the opportunity to grow into their full artistic and intellectual potential through inclusive dance. It does not only enrich their own lives but also the society we live in.
Dance is defined by the present, moments here and now, encounters, perceptions and emotions in this very moment.
And this moment is constantly changing. „Kein Warten auf das Leben“ searches to explore those little details that define and enrich our lives. It shows a subtle gesture, an encounter, a mood, a small puzzle piece of a person.
Can we carry together those delicate moments of meeting and recognizing into the real world?